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If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

Michael is the 3rd generation of carpenters in his family!
Michael is the 3rd generation of carpenters in his family!

About McQueen Design & Build

McQueen Design & Build is Denver, Colorado’s premier full-service remodeling and new build construction company. We are a team of craftsmen, designers and architects who will help you develop a project plan that will bring your dreams to reality. There is no project too large or too small for us. If you have a small bathroom to renovate, an addition to plan or a new home to build from the ground up, we can help you.

What Sets McQueen Apart?

We are a full-service firm that will help you with your project, starting from the design stage, then working with you through the building stage, and following through with a complete orientation. We can then assist you in the coming year to assure you have complete peace of mind. In other situations, you have to hire a separate designer and builder, and verify often one is from Mars and the other is from Venus. We have found that projects tend to go much smoother and the client receives much better service and craftsmanship when the design, build, and followthrough all come from the same company.

The Benefits to You


Getting a structure from concept to blueprint to reality in 3D takes knowledge and experience. We’ll provide the precise design and architectural expertise your project demands. And through our design-build process, we’ll monitor the project daily to ensure the design features are faithfully carried out during construction.


We want you to be ecstatic about the finished product, so we want the whole team to recognize exactly what it takes to get there. We will design a project schedule that will meet your completion date within the construction constraints.


You deserve professional courtesy and responsiveness. We will return your calls promptly.


No question is too minor, and if we don’t know the answer to your question, we’ll find it.


We strive to educate and be educated. We’ll gladly share our knowledge and expertise with you and welcome your input.


Remodeling a home can be stressful. We’ll do our best to minimize the impact on your daily life throughout the project.


We strive to work the way you want to work. If you want a weekly call, we’ll arrange that.


This one’s tough because we know things can change on a construction project. We’ll do our best to meet every deadline we set, and if we can’t, we’ll let you know why, how it impacts your project and when you can expect completion.


Our primary purpose is to serve you and help you realize your dreams. We are not simply contractors but craftsmen and artists who understand you will be doing more than seeing our art, you will be living in it for years to come. We consider this a huge privilege and responsibility.

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